Furano Hops

Please enjoy nature at Hokkaido.Furano Hops Hotel is useful not only for sightseeing but a business trip.

Everybody is after a long time! I’m Inoue, (^^,♪.

A blog renewal won’t be done easily…, time is found and insisted restlessly,  (*∀), NO.
Well, around Furano, lavender is the golden age!

The scenery by which beautiful purple is spread in a front page is really nice (o´ sou, ‘)♪.

The place where lavender can be seen at Furano vicinity is much!

In spring from Biei to Furano, I’m preparing a map with the seasonal recommendation spots by the summer version (during autumn version making just now) at our hotel♪.

By the way, I’m handwriting the map (warai).

☆ I wrote centering on the place where lavender is in bloom when I went by the summer version

♪ thinking the autumn version will make colored leaves mainly

If there is a spot recommended somewhere, please tell me (>_<).

I, that an individual can’t take a picture recently…

Whether you’ll go visit to take lavender on an absent day, thinking, 1 day feels hot and is overcome, and ends (warai).

Furano melon

Jul 3rd, 2016

Everyone, good evening! I’m Inoue,  (*´∀`), .

When saying Furano, lavender is also so, but the melon is also good♪.

A melon soft ice cream, desserts with flesh of a melon and something good are plenty☆.

Our hotel also offers Furano melon (I also come near the time.) to a dessert of dinner!

☆ By which I’ll also recommend melon as well as lavender to the customer who sees the sights of Furano and Biei

How is it?

Everyone, hello! I’m Inoue, (^^,♪.

It’s July from today (^O^) as it is also in the title, isn’t it?
It was fine, and nearly 30 times of day when it’s hot (*;) continued for these about 3 days.
Though it was cold thoroughly on a cold day by the end of June, I realize that summer came (warai).
Tomorrow will be the forecast that it rains. It’s so fine.


Long time no see! It is Inoue ♪♪

Today – that of the hotel, Namade san and Seo-san told me built three beams a tent ☆

Although there is an introduction from the other day Seno’s, tent plan began ♪♪

The weather today may be, – it is the time of barbecue (*’∀ `*) !!

Because soon, such as the lavender of early flowering in some places have begun to bloom, I will Koyo to turn a hobby of photography ☆ SLR and digital camera is still ne different ~, will engrossed forget the time lol

Gradually, but it has warm become, since the middle of the night, such as the still chilly often, let’s take care to health management !!DSCN0781DSCN0779













It’s after a long time, I’m Ishizaki.

There is today in Kami-furano.

You’re introducing that I don’t make [be flower Rand involved bran].

When a flower in Furano says the time which can be seen, isn’t August, July imagined?

April-flora can be judged from Mr. flower Rand! Wonderful!

☆ By which a lot of flowers♪ are healed in the house
You’re happy that a flower can be enjoyed in April in Hokkaido (#^.^#), right?

A gift is also enriched, so you come by all means and can I have it♪?

It’s a car from a hotel, 10 minutes! Close!












1.「There was a graduation ceremony at a local high school on the 1st of this month.」

A student is little and is a small high school.
But it’s my old school, so it’s the feeling that they’re simple.

Like the time when I graduated, with the “I did it!” by which they would say so, too.

2.「The temperature becomes high on the average, and snow also melts fairly.」

Today’s temperature also was 0-about 6 ℃ and wasn’t snow, and it was drizzling a little.

A cherry tree seems also to bloom early from last year this year.

Please come for now which is a little previous time when spring comes to travel!

I’m waiting!! Good-bye! Next again!

by Front charge  SEO.


Feb 26th, 2016


(o^^o) ♪ which came with big Kamakura in front of a hotel

Because is quite big Kamakura, enter even the adult; Masuyo – (*’ ∀`)! !




Everyone, hello, (´∀`*)
☆ A doll decorated with yesterday and in front of the front
February is also the second half, it’s a moment until March,  (*´∀`), NO.
Sushi rice with a variety of vegetables is sold to the Girls’ Festival in Furano HOPPUSUHOTERU-,♡.
It’s a reservation system, so please inquire to the hotel for more information♪.



Everybody is after a long time, (^^,♪.

Furano HOPPUSUHOTERU Inoue (@^^)/.

You’re Valentine soon, right?

What is made this year, it’s still during worries (warai).

Well, it’s also in the title, but a walk map around Furano HOPPUSUHOTERU is done.

It isn’t ashamed and if ^ can have see the (^ on which Inoue wrote me while imposing, I’m happy♪.

Winter isn’t understood by snow of aspect snow white, but when summer comes, green will be abundantly, and I think it’s good for a form of walk! There is also a tent plan in summer! It’s recommended♪.

Snow is little and isn’t made easily this year, but a hotel staff is making Kamakura!

Everybody’s can enjoy snow in Hokkaido☆.


↑↑↑ A map around the hotel is this.





A customer of ski was becoming a lot recently.\(^o^)/

It snowed much and appreciated♪ was good.★

Actually, there is a ski locker in HOPPUSUHOTERU.!!!

It can dry, so please use a board and shoes by all means.(^v^)

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