Furano Hops

Please enjoy nature at Hokkaido.Furano Hops Hotel is useful not only for sightseeing but a business trip.

Long time no see! It is Inoue ♪♪

Today – that of the hotel, Namade san and Seo-san told me built three beams a tent ☆

Although there is an introduction from the other day Seno’s, tent plan began ♪♪

The weather today may be, – it is the time of barbecue (*’∀ `*) !!

Because soon, such as the lavender of early flowering in some places have begun to bloom, I will Koyo to turn a hobby of photography ☆ SLR and digital camera is still ne different ~, will engrossed forget the time lol

Gradually, but it has warm become, since the middle of the night, such as the still chilly often, let’s take care to health management !!DSCN0781DSCN0779

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