Furano Hops

Please enjoy nature at Hokkaido.Furano Hops Hotel is useful not only for sightseeing but a business trip.

Everybody is after a long time! I’m Inoue, (^^,♪.

A blog renewal won’t be done easily…, time is found and insisted restlessly,  (*∀), NO.
Well, around Furano, lavender is the golden age!

The scenery by which beautiful purple is spread in a front page is really nice (o´ sou, ‘)♪.

The place where lavender can be seen at Furano vicinity is much!

In spring from Biei to Furano, I’m preparing a map with the seasonal recommendation spots by the summer version (during autumn version making just now) at our hotel♪.

By the way, I’m handwriting the map (warai).

☆ I wrote centering on the place where lavender is in bloom when I went by the summer version

♪ thinking the autumn version will make colored leaves mainly

If there is a spot recommended somewhere, please tell me (>_<).

I, that an individual can’t take a picture recently…

Whether you’ll go visit to take lavender on an absent day, thinking, 1 day feels hot and is overcome, and ends (warai).

Furano melon

Jul 3rd, 2016

Everyone, good evening! I’m Inoue,  (*´∀`), .

When saying Furano, lavender is also so, but the melon is also good♪.

A melon soft ice cream, desserts with flesh of a melon and something good are plenty☆.

Our hotel also offers Furano melon (I also come near the time.) to a dessert of dinner!

☆ By which I’ll also recommend melon as well as lavender to the customer who sees the sights of Furano and Biei

How is it?

Everyone, hello! I’m Inoue, (^^,♪.

It’s July from today (^O^) as it is also in the title, isn’t it?
It was fine, and nearly 30 times of day when it’s hot (*;) continued for these about 3 days.
Though it was cold thoroughly on a cold day by the end of June, I realize that summer came (warai).
Tomorrow will be the forecast that it rains. It’s so fine.


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